Modernist Cuisine – The Ultimate Hamburger

Wow.  I’ve made some pretty amazing burgers during summer bbq’s, but this one takes the cake!  I will one day have this for myself… one day.

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Epic Meal Time Candy BBQ

Those guys at Epic Meal Time have done it again!  This time they’re combining candy into…. you guessed it, HAMBURGERS! Donuts for the buns,  fruit roll up as cheese,  rainbow candy bacon, and icing as your condiments…  I’m getting cavities just watching the video.

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Hambuster … Freaky Friday?!?

Ever wonder what would happen if our Freaky Friday shirt were real?? Check out this awesome video of a Hamburger going on an eating Rampage!

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Matt Tackles The 2-LB Beast.

So yesterday was my birthday and I thought I would try my luck at finishing Two Parrots’ TWO POUND burger. It’s free if you finish it in one hour. Look at this beast: The burger’s not bad either. Did I finish? Short answer – no. But I gave it my all.

The Sloppy Roethlisberger – Epic Meal Time

Now that’s a hamburger! Big ups to YouTube sensations and fellow Canadians, Epic Meal Time, for creating this epic burger. Cheers, Matt

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McDonald’s Japan knows how to market those Happy Meal toys…

These kids are the epitome of crazy cute Asian kids.  I want one, not the toy but the kid, for when I need a good laugh. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in Japan is developing one as we speak à la Haley Joel Osment in A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

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Bob’s Burgers – Premieres this Sunday

Bob’s burgers, the latest addition to Fox’s animation Sundays, looks pretty good.

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Burger Review! Freshness Burger, Japan

Hamburger Disco had a chance to try out some really cool burger chains during our trip to Japan, one of which was Freshness Burger.  We stumbled upon this joint (picture above is not the one we visited) by chance while strolling in the Ginza shopping district in Tokyo in need of a quick dinner.

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