Gap Robson Street Upside Down!?!


Has Gap Robson been hit by the Mad Hatter? It may seem like it but this was actually part of their new promotional campaign to introduce the “Sprize” program.  The program allows Gap customers to purchase any regular price merchandise and if it ever goes on sale then you get the difference back!  More money in my pocket definitely seems like a good way to be shopping.

Did I mention that this is available exclusively in Vancouver?  The city was chosen for testing on the new program and they held the press conference at the Robson Street location.  To help promote this to its customers, Gap recently flipped the store upside down to show that maybe they aren’t crazy for giving money back to it’s loyal shoppers.  But looking at the pictures of the upside down cars and hot dog stand, I’d say they are…








Click Here for more info on the Gap Sprize program

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